Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a Preview

Just a little sneak preview of what I'll have up at the show tonight at Mike's Place.  Did these last night.  I wanted to put these up on here, but I have  to run now so I will type up the explanation later..  Just a clue in the meantime: North American animals who are almost extinct + genocide of aboriginal populations + homelessness + taking wildlife for granted... Stay tuned.


P.S. sorry these are so blurry!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


CHUO Pamphlet, front

CHUO pamphlet, back

CHUO pamphlet, inside sneak-peek

CHUO pamphlet, unfolded

Barrier LP, silkscreened black ink on white cardboard (front)

Barrier LP, silkscreened black ink on white cardboard (inside sneak-peek)

TOFTT Last Show Poster, 11x 14 silkscreened deep purple (black) and orange ink on mayfair (41/50 prints)

Howdie folks!

Let me start off by saying that today's post will be short n' sweet.  No dissertation today, just show and tell!

I just wanted to upload a few of the fruits of my labour!... In print!  It is a really neat feeling to have your art printed and distributed.

The first images are from some graphic design work I did for CHUO.  I designed the exterior of their Winter 2009 schedule/pamphlet.  The inside just has the schedule of all the shows/times.  I was super excited to do this since I don't get to do this type of work too often (i.e. pretty much never)..  AND I got paid! wowee!!!  Also: LISTEN TO CHUO 89.1FM!! dooooooo it!

Also, you can find a copy of this anywhere around the station and other places on and off campus (that was pretty vague, I know.. but basically just keep your eyes peeled!)

The second set of images is from the Barrier CD, which they printed a few weeks ago!  First of all, you should pick this up!!  You can e-mail me or check out their myspace if you want to grab one of these gems.  Also, they are playing a few shows in feb/march and you should check them out (Ottawa on March 8th)!  Ok so, aside from shamelessly hyping these guys, the pictures speak for themselves (alongside everything I had previously mentioned).  I thought the cases were going to be brown cardboard (I think they did too) but these look rad nonetheless!

The third image, last but not least, is the silkscreened print of the last Take One for the Team show that happened a few months ago.  The print and all the SWEEEEET orange-coloured filters were done by Mike from Fato.  He is a true genius and a master printer!!!  I hope I get to collab with him again.  He made 50 prints (Tewtally LIMITED EDITION) and I think there are a few posters left, so just contact me if you want one and I'll pass the message down to the head honcho aka Richard.

Oki doki, that's about it.

I am working on a few things right now, such as a second pamphlet for CHUO (for their funding drive)!  I was also happy to learn that the drawings I gave for the auction for the Children's Wish Foundation all sold!  Yay!  

Also I will be posting my favorite piece of band art to date (i.e. the brand spankin' new VILE INTENT shirt) in the next couple weeks so keep checkin' in!!