Monday, November 9, 2009


14 x 14, ink

Alright, so it's November and I have NO time to do anything but read and write about "dead, white men" (props to Amanda Abdulhottie for that one.. check out her hilarious blog). BUT I can at least find the time to post/rep my buddy Jeff's new record label!!! FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! So for those of you who haven't had the pleasure/opportunity to meet the man/legend that is SKA JEFF (and if you live in Ottawa, there are definitely less than 6 degrees of separation between the both of you), you know how dedicated Jeff is to the Ottawa music scene. I swear, this guy is like a punk version of the energizer battery.. If the energizer put on punk shows that is. Ok, maybe my analogy doesn't work... But in any case, he is an awesome dude who does A LOT for the Ottawa scene.

This is especially true now that he has gotten a grant to start his own record label! He's already put out the I Refuse EP and has a BUNCH more bands he's in the works of helping out. So needless to say I was stoked when he asked me to draw him a shirt logo!! Even more exciting (from an illustrator's perspective) was the fact that he knew EXACTLY what he wanted. He had a specific idea of what the monkey and the gorilla would look like, from the design on their shirt to the type of shoes they'd be wearing.. literally EVERYTHING. So I really can't take credit for the concept; only the execution.

So, here it is! I am extremely excited about this shirt design! You should all get one and SUPPORT THE HECK OUT OF THIS PROJECT!!!!!!

Ok that's it for now!


P.S. Anyone know where I can buy a lightbox?? I'm getting sick of not being able to trace stuff!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a few things

"Whales and birds breaking shit" (commissioned), 14x17, pencil and ink

New CHUO On-Air Guide 2009-2010

Hi folks!

Just a quick update today! Here is a drawing my friend Jeff commissioned. He asked me to draw him a sleeve (that's tattoo talk for a tattoo that covers your arm) of "birds and whales breaking shit". That's verbatim. Meaning, it's the only direction he gave me. But I've known him for a little while now, and I had an idea of where he was coming from. This is a picture of the drawing, but I retouched it a tiny bit in photoshop because the pencil didn't photograph well at all. Also, you may be wondering why there's such a big boring cloud up top... that's the space that will be used to cover the pretty big all-black tattoo he has on his shoulder.

The second picture is of the new CHUO flyer. (MAJOR thanks to CHUO for giving me work!! woohoo!!) This is the same as the old one but with a new colour scheme. I was kind of weirded out that the printers included the bleed into the graphic, but what can you do!

Anyhow, I've got to cut it short today because I have a Stats (yes, STATS) assignment to finish for tonight. I will be posting lots of new stuff soon though because people with great taste have asked me to draw stuff for them!

So stay tuned!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

I can do cutesy


So, not too much to say here... My friend wanted a poster done and he told me the subject matter should be "two emo-looking kids holding hands while riding bikes". So, this is what I came up with. It's pretty indie/cute/fluffy, but apparently that was appropriate for the style of the headlining band. SO yeah!

Until next time!


Monday, August 17, 2009


It has officially been 90 days since I last posted on here.  The main reason being I have been living out of boxes since June 30 and am finally getting settled in my new (amazing) living quarters.  Equally amazing and exciting is the fact that I now have a drawing table!  But anyhow, I am here to update some goddamn art, not talk about my new material goods.

SO!  One work I am extremely proud of is now finally available to the public! .... The new I REFUSE EP CD/12"!!  I have been friends with some of those dudes for a long time now (dating back to Club Saw-when we still thought moshing was cool and a legitimate form of anger management), so needless to say I was stoked when they asked me to do their artwork.  They were very specific in terms of what style they wanted: modernism (think Hot Water Music albums covers).  Aside from the style, I had carte blanche to do whatever I wanted in terms of subject matter.  Mariful gave me a copy of the lyrics and mentioned that a big theme for the album was personal-as well as political-liberation.  So I went from there..

I wanted to depict the notion of liberation by showing the subject raising his fists as though breaking free from chains.  The chains here are invisible, which speaks to the notion that we are often trapped within and by ourselves, and therefore that liberation must happen internally in order to move onward personally and in regards to others/external events.  On that note, the figure is divided into two halves: the right half is simply a man, whereas the left half is of a man wearing a scarf/shirt over his mouth, glasses, and a hat that evoke guerilla warfare, thereby speaking to the more political aspect of liberation.  I also wanted to depict a man of an ambiguous ethnic background in order to avoid evoking a single current political conflict.  In other words, I wanted him to take on features from a number of ethnicities: a Palestinian, as much as a Chiapan, as much as an Igloolikian, etc.

I definitely felt the challenge of painting in a style I was not used to, but after some experimenting I found some techniques that would allow me to get the desired effect.  Namely, I made a collage using a number of different photos from magazines.  I then photocopied this collage while also enlarging it by about 200%.  Then, with the help of gel medium, I used a very simple yet effective transfer method to transfer the photocopy onto canvas paper.  Having transferred the image onto canvas paper, I now had an amazing base to begin playing with color and textures.  I used mixed media to get the desired effect: oil pastel, soft pastel, acrylic paint, charcoal, conte, etc.  While the I Refuse guys had specified what style they wanted, I still tried to put in my own spin.  I also wanted to leave more abstract areas since they were in line with I Refuse's previous releases.

Therefore, all this led to what you see above, namely:

1) The original painting, 14 x 20 
2) Detail of the face (taken by Paul Galipeau)
3) Detail of the fist (also taken by Paul, and found under the cd in the cd case)
4) A sweet looking black and white adaptation/ new Jane Doe? /poster done by Mariful 
5) the actual CD cover

I tried to take a picture of the rest of the CD but the case is so shiny that all you see is me an my camera!  Oh well, I guess that means you just have to go out and buy it!

SOOOO in other news!  I just finished my first illustration contract for a BOOK!  How neat is that!  It is a book for parents who are raising adolescents.  I haven't read it, but the women writing it are great so I'm sure it will be great as well.  In any case, I had fun doing it and would love to post the illustrations but I actually/officially signed away the rights, so I will have to check with them and see if I can put them up.

Otherwise, I am currently working on my friend Jeff's sleeve, which will be AMAZING!  More to come later...

Until next time!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here they are!!  Get 'em while they're hot!!

SOOOO happy with how they turned out!!

Good job with the printing moniker designs!  

Monday, April 27, 2009


ink on paper, about 14 x 14

I can't hold this one in any longer.. I just HAVE TO SHARE IT!!

I present to you my favorite design that I've ever done for a band, ever. Meet Vile Intent's new uber-apocalyptical-ink-on-paper-shirt-design!

There is SO much to say about this, I barely know where to start! In a way I almost feel like letting people guess.. maybe that will be my new approach? Ah, but that is just me being lazy! I really don't feel the need to be mysterious or obscure when my message and intentions are neither mysterious nor obscure.
So here goes (I'll make it semi-point-form to make it a bit easier):
Border: the border is made up of a snake biting its own tail (in the top half) and of vine leaves in the lower half. Both the coiled snake and the vines are meant to represent the natural world, with obvious Biblical connotations (i.e. the ideal natural world associated with Eden). Yet, here I chose to depict the snake biting its own tail, which is a fairly common image and represents self-destruction. In other words, thinking one is gaining something (in this case food) when one is in fact participating in one's own slow death. The snake, in contrast with the growing vines, is meant to represent careless self-destruction and a perversion of the natural order.  Even though traditionally the figure of a snake/dragon eating its own tail (i.e. Ouroboros) is meant to represent cyclicality, I felt it could also signify the opposite of cyclicality: termination. 
Two figures: the two figures shown above were inspired by a 19th century wood-cut that depicted a Sun figure (male) and a Moon figure (female). The juxtaposition of a male and female figure with a snake would automatically evoke Biblical imagery, but I found that incorporating Sun and Moon characteristics spoke to more universal/pagan imagery. Namely, the figures are meant to represent humanity as a whole. I found their postures interesting because they evoke a sense of pride, even though what the female is pointing at is the bloody carcass of a horse. This ironic contrast is meant to emphasize the discrepancy between traditional imagery of nature where humans are found within a natural setting and depicted as living in harmony with nature (e.g. here the figures are naked, which indicates a sense of unity with nature) and with the reality of humanity's relationship with the natural world. Namely, here, the humans are standing proudly yet are surrounded by death and desolation... death and desolation caused by their own carelessness (re:snake).
Horse carcass: the dead horse was meant to represent the eventual death of all living creatures as a result of civilization. I felt the horse stood for a number of important symbols: strength, elegance, stature, etc. Furthermore, in the West, the horse is often associated with patriotic imagery (e.g. the all-american cowboy, the stern mountie, etc.). Therefore, a dying horse (killed by the sharp hand of the clock-which I will discuss later), lying between the two proud human figures, really embodied the essence of the notion of blind destruction.
Clock hands/mechanisms: an important aspect of this drawing was the idea of time. I've deliberated on the topic in previous posts and so I won't go through all the same details again, but I will describe how symbols of time are particular to this drawing. First of all, the mechanisms of the clock become part of the background, almost replacing the sun that should be sinking into the horizon. The fact that the wheels of the clock are at the center of the image represent the centrality of regulated time to Western society. In other words, it evokes the sense that the mechanization of life into time slots is of primary importance. This is represented in the image by depicting the mechanisms of the clock as appearing to control the movements of the sky as a whole. As the hands of the clock turn, the rest of the world can do the same. The fact that the big hand of the clock has killed the horse is meant to represent the eventual death of life on earth, one that will be determined by human activities and symbolized by an unnatural obsession with time and making the most out of it. The saying that 'time is money' is fairly cliché but embodies the overall link I'm trying to make here between human perception of time and the destruction of life on earth (i.e. self-destruction). * The large hand is also meant to point to where the number 6 would be, which in roman numerals is spelled VI, which itself represents the initials of Vile Intent (V and I).
Background/landscape: Ok, so I've already explained the main idea behind this image and so, by fear of repeating myself any more than I already have, I will try to keep it short and sweet. The two figures are standing in front of a large desolate wasteland that is meant to evoke the sense of deserted, dried out, land. This is made evident by the crackling ground and the lack of greenery. Shattered by earthquakes and destroyed by drought, the land is harsh and its lack of life (or potential for life) resonates echoes of death and doom for miles on end. This land is followed by cliffs that stretch accross the horizon and appear utterly lifeless. Above these cliffs and beyond the mechanisms of the clock, is a burning sun, of which the fiery heat seems to be bursting and bubbling outward. The closeness and intensity of the sun, juxtaposed with the deserted land, is meant to evoke an apocalyptical sense of global warming: the final minutes before the earth is burnt to a crisp. Even the sky beyond the sun (which is meant to mimic medieval depictions of ''outer space'') is drawn such that the sun's rays seem to extend even into the darkness of the galaxy, with each star being engulfed within a sharp blade. I decided to give the ''rings'' extending from the sun an allure of chainsaw blades in order to emphasize further the sense of doom. There is also a smaller, black-hole type of sun within the larger sun. This second sun simply further evokes the sense of impending destruction. Almost as the ''gates of hell'', it's meant to appear as a destructive element (placed as a third eye in relation to the heads of the two figures). Ultimately, the smaller black sun is meant to evoke imagery of an apocalyptical sky.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK, well, I think that's enough doom, death, and desolation, for now! There's more to say (clearly, since there always is), but I think this gives you a pretty good idea of what I was going for.
So, on a completely different note, there is lots in the works right now! I Refuse LP artwork, illustrations for a book being published by Les Éditions de l'Homme, as well as a few other random commissions. Oh, and I also have to post the last pamphlet I did for CHUO.
Allllllright, well, until next time!
P.S. Vile Intent are printing the shirts as we speak so get in touch if you want one!.. I can't wait to see how they turn out! (and will post pictures)


Ok, so it has been SO long since I last updated this.

That's because I was going through the most demanding semester of my university career so far.  I finished school on thursday and have been able to slowly check things off my non-school checklist.

Things such as this poster!  It's for an event that some friends of mine are putting on.  I thought the idea was awesome and am glad I could help!  

Also, I know I said I would give a full run-down of the meaning behind the works I put up in the last post, but I've realized that I have TONS of works I want to put up but may not have the time to write extensively about what they stand for (although I will try my best).  

So for now I leave you with this poster!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a Preview

Just a little sneak preview of what I'll have up at the show tonight at Mike's Place.  Did these last night.  I wanted to put these up on here, but I have  to run now so I will type up the explanation later..  Just a clue in the meantime: North American animals who are almost extinct + genocide of aboriginal populations + homelessness + taking wildlife for granted... Stay tuned.


P.S. sorry these are so blurry!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


CHUO Pamphlet, front

CHUO pamphlet, back

CHUO pamphlet, inside sneak-peek

CHUO pamphlet, unfolded

Barrier LP, silkscreened black ink on white cardboard (front)

Barrier LP, silkscreened black ink on white cardboard (inside sneak-peek)

TOFTT Last Show Poster, 11x 14 silkscreened deep purple (black) and orange ink on mayfair (41/50 prints)

Howdie folks!

Let me start off by saying that today's post will be short n' sweet.  No dissertation today, just show and tell!

I just wanted to upload a few of the fruits of my labour!... In print!  It is a really neat feeling to have your art printed and distributed.

The first images are from some graphic design work I did for CHUO.  I designed the exterior of their Winter 2009 schedule/pamphlet.  The inside just has the schedule of all the shows/times.  I was super excited to do this since I don't get to do this type of work too often (i.e. pretty much never)..  AND I got paid! wowee!!!  Also: LISTEN TO CHUO 89.1FM!! dooooooo it!

Also, you can find a copy of this anywhere around the station and other places on and off campus (that was pretty vague, I know.. but basically just keep your eyes peeled!)

The second set of images is from the Barrier CD, which they printed a few weeks ago!  First of all, you should pick this up!!  You can e-mail me or check out their myspace if you want to grab one of these gems.  Also, they are playing a few shows in feb/march and you should check them out (Ottawa on March 8th)!  Ok so, aside from shamelessly hyping these guys, the pictures speak for themselves (alongside everything I had previously mentioned).  I thought the cases were going to be brown cardboard (I think they did too) but these look rad nonetheless!

The third image, last but not least, is the silkscreened print of the last Take One for the Team show that happened a few months ago.  The print and all the SWEEEEET orange-coloured filters were done by Mike from Fato.  He is a true genius and a master printer!!!  I hope I get to collab with him again.  He made 50 prints (Tewtally LIMITED EDITION) and I think there are a few posters left, so just contact me if you want one and I'll pass the message down to the head honcho aka Richard.

Oki doki, that's about it.

I am working on a few things right now, such as a second pamphlet for CHUO (for their funding drive)!  I was also happy to learn that the drawings I gave for the auction for the Children's Wish Foundation all sold!  Yay!  

Also I will be posting my favorite piece of band art to date (i.e. the brand spankin' new VILE INTENT shirt) in the next couple weeks so keep checkin' in!!



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Édition spéciale: Les Galipeaus

Hiya folks!

Well, once again, I feel the need to start off by apologizing for being so sporadic in my blogging.  But hey, keepin' busy is my middle name, and as I've mentioned a zillion times: school ('nuff said).  Apparently my brain has gotten bigger in the last little while because I've been getting some ridiculously good grades this semester (and I've always gotten good grades, so if I say they're ridiculously good, well, yah, we're talking Powder-style brain power).  I'm only mentioning this because these grades are making it that much harder for me to say that I will ever fully dedicate myself to making art.  Just too many things I love to do!  Even though, hands down, art is by far the most fun for me, I do get a lot out of scholastic life.

But enough about that!  Today I just wanted to put up a little commission I did over the break (oh yah, remember how I said there were 2?  well here is the second one).  It's a depiction of my friend Paul G's family with their dog Niko.  The whole thing is in the style of these guys.  Paul provided me with pictures of his siblings when they were kids, and a few of his parents then and now.  The position/look of the dog is actually a combination of three different pictures, which I literally cut and pasted together to give myself and idea of placement/proportions.  There isn't much to say about this one since I've already made a post about this series.

Except what I will say is: buy my art!  I still have some dogs left over from the art show that need homes.  BUT I will be giving some away to the Children's Wish Foundation for an auction on February 4th... so get 'em while they're hot!

I've also been working on a pamphlet for CHUO (Ottawa U's radio station)... and am so stoked about it!!!  I don't get many "graphic design" jobs, and am glad that my photoshop skills weren't too rusty!  That should be ready for print as of thursday so keep your eyes open if you're around campus, and I'll post a copy on here.

Well, that's it for now.  Surprise Surprise, I've got some reading to do.  The life of a student is much too predictable.  

Ok that's it for now!
Until next time...


P.S. I took the picture before signing the work.. BUT DON'T TRY TO PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN YOU GREEDY, BRUTISH, NASTY, AND RUDE HUMANS!