Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a few things

"Whales and birds breaking shit" (commissioned), 14x17, pencil and ink

New CHUO On-Air Guide 2009-2010

Hi folks!

Just a quick update today! Here is a drawing my friend Jeff commissioned. He asked me to draw him a sleeve (that's tattoo talk for a tattoo that covers your arm) of "birds and whales breaking shit". That's verbatim. Meaning, it's the only direction he gave me. But I've known him for a little while now, and I had an idea of where he was coming from. This is a picture of the drawing, but I retouched it a tiny bit in photoshop because the pencil didn't photograph well at all. Also, you may be wondering why there's such a big boring cloud up top... that's the space that will be used to cover the pretty big all-black tattoo he has on his shoulder.

The second picture is of the new CHUO flyer. (MAJOR thanks to CHUO for giving me work!! woohoo!!) This is the same as the old one but with a new colour scheme. I was kind of weirded out that the printers included the bleed into the graphic, but what can you do!

Anyhow, I've got to cut it short today because I have a Stats (yes, STATS) assignment to finish for tonight. I will be posting lots of new stuff soon though because people with great taste have asked me to draw stuff for them!

So stay tuned!!!


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Isabelle said...

J'adore les boulets que trainent les oiseaux!!