Monday, November 9, 2009


14 x 14, ink

Alright, so it's November and I have NO time to do anything but read and write about "dead, white men" (props to Amanda Abdulhottie for that one.. check out her hilarious blog). BUT I can at least find the time to post/rep my buddy Jeff's new record label!!! FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! So for those of you who haven't had the pleasure/opportunity to meet the man/legend that is SKA JEFF (and if you live in Ottawa, there are definitely less than 6 degrees of separation between the both of you), you know how dedicated Jeff is to the Ottawa music scene. I swear, this guy is like a punk version of the energizer battery.. If the energizer put on punk shows that is. Ok, maybe my analogy doesn't work... But in any case, he is an awesome dude who does A LOT for the Ottawa scene.

This is especially true now that he has gotten a grant to start his own record label! He's already put out the I Refuse EP and has a BUNCH more bands he's in the works of helping out. So needless to say I was stoked when he asked me to draw him a shirt logo!! Even more exciting (from an illustrator's perspective) was the fact that he knew EXACTLY what he wanted. He had a specific idea of what the monkey and the gorilla would look like, from the design on their shirt to the type of shoes they'd be wearing.. literally EVERYTHING. So I really can't take credit for the concept; only the execution.

So, here it is! I am extremely excited about this shirt design! You should all get one and SUPPORT THE HECK OUT OF THIS PROJECT!!!!!!

Ok that's it for now!


P.S. Anyone know where I can buy a lightbox?? I'm getting sick of not being able to trace stuff!