Monday, September 22, 2008

Une vie de chien/ pour Paul

11x14, ink and paper 

Here are a few of the drawings I'll be showing at Invisible Cinema/ the Wurm Gallery this friday (September 26th).  These were really fun for me to do because I got to remember how enormous dogs feel when you're really young.  I played on that idea by showing little kids playing (or even sleeping) around and on the over-sized dogs, whom are at once watchful, dignified and loving.

T-minus 5 days until the show! xo

P.S. the paper is actually white.. it has this nice creamy color on here simply because I don't have any way to properly scan these images.. Such is life!


big baby campbell said...

yo j'ai le début du premier issue de FETO DA FETUS. Actually peut-être un half issue #0 si on veut vraiment être comme des evil compagnie de bande dessiné.

martin said...

i love these they are awesome!

Maxx said...

the husky is my favourite.

Paul said...

y en a tu qui reste?