Thursday, September 18, 2008

baby steps

all of the above: 8x10, acrylic

The culture of over-abundance/over-consumption, which is so prominent in North America, has inspired me to create the Monstrous Children series.  It consists of a few acrylic paintings that depict the (somewhat exaggerated) behaviors of children who have been raised always getting what they want.  Each child is eating a popsicle of some kind, which happens to be dripping all over their over-the-top outfits/costumes (i.e. not the kind of clothes conducive to running around in the mud).  Here the parents are to be held responsible for presenting their children with overbearing luxury from a young age...  An environment that is bound to promote some serious brattiness.  The positive side of the inspiration for these is that I actually do love children and think they're absolutely hilarious/brilliant.. most of the time.    

These works will be shown at the Wurm Gallery/Invisible Cinema (319 Lisgar) from September 26th to October 26th, alongside the  works of Adrienne Turner and Guen Douglas. 

It will be my first official art show, which is SO exciting! 

..Ok this is my first blog and I already feel I might spend more time on here than I should.  Although this blog-thing does seem more exciting than the dense Hegel essay sitting on my bed,  only one of the two is being graded.

Until next time! xo


Pamela said...

Pascale! Congratulations and good luck and I love these and love that you posted them for your far away friends to see! I so badly wish I could come to the opening, but unfortunately I have to go to a conference for work next weekend :(

The week afterward, however, I don't have any class, so maybe I could take a couple days off to visit and gossip and stuff my face and see this stuff in person.

Dan Carkner said...

looking good! i especially like the first one, it reminds me of what my kid would look like.

Maxime said...

Wow these are really vibrant! This is awesome, a nice way to showcase your stuff :)