Friday, August 20, 2010

Les hiboux

Hibou, acrylic on canvas, 12x12

Hiboux, acrylic on canvas, 12x12

Alright so the last post had some pretty heavy stuff in it so to change the pace I've decided to post these two cutesy paintings I did for some friends. The request was: two paintings of owls. I pretty much had a wildcard to do whatever I wanted from there. The paintings were meant to be displayed separately but I still wanted them to be unified in colour and style (so that they would still clearly be two of a kind and potentially displayed side by side). Anyhow, I was really excited when Michelle and Matt asked me to do these because I looooooooooooove owls!! They are such beautiful creatures. Not only that, but in art they are often used to represent wisdom and the ability to see right from wrong. Because of their nocturnal nature they are also often used to represent death and darkness. There are a number of other symbols associated with the owl and many of them have arisen within aboriginal shamanism.
Anyhow, I am super happy with the way these came out. I wasn't sure who would get which (and if they would have to fight over who got to keep which one) but it turns out that Michelle wanted the lone owl while Matt wanted the cuddly baby owls, so everything worked out for the best!

In other news: I have been painting like crazy and can't wait to post what I've been working on for a small exhibit at Canteen. It will be up for the month of October.