Friday, November 14, 2008

old school old stuff

Take One For the Team/ The Antennas Split - CD cover, 2003

12 x 16, Prepare for Invasion, 2003 

It's a pretty neat coincidence that my dad just dropped off my old portfolio filled with stuff from high school.  I definitely rekindled with a few jems.. and also things that seemed a lot cooler back then.  Among the things I was glad to find again are the Take One for the Team/The Antennas split cover I did in 2003 (holy shit that's 5 years ago) and the Prepare for Invasion artwork I did the same year.  I don't think anything ever came of that band.. I barely remember who it was for??  Maybe my friend Dave, maybe Isaac was in that band?  I really can't remember.  Oh well, I still have the artwork and it's a nice souvenir of how standardized my drawings were, i.e. how everything was based on oldschool tattoo guidelines.  There's a real charm to the lack of originality in old school tattoos, and I mean that sincerely.  I still LOVE that style, when it's well done of course.
For a long time I really wanted to become a tattoo artist...  It's a cool feeling when people get things you've drawn tattooed on them (I'll try to post pictures of my friend Stefan's arm soon).  And while I haven't ruled it out, I'm definitely heading towards other pastures right now.  But hey, there's always later right?

Anyway, this will be a very short post (can you believe it??) because I have to start and end a paper tonight...  While I normally wouldn't be too excited, I think this one will be really interesting: I will be discussing the notion of fear in Luther's argument for the bondage of the Will.  I'm stoked because it's also given me some really great ideas for my next paintings!! 

So basically I leave you with a big TO BE CONTINUED...

Later gator! xo


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Nina said...

Yooooo je me souviens de ces deux dessins-là!! 5 ans, as if...