Sunday, November 2, 2008

post mortem/ Mosh Hard With a Vengeance

THRASH!!!!!!!! (poster)

TOFTT cd art - (old stuff)

Upfront article

First off I will start by saying that I had to crawl out from under a pile of books to get to my computer.  So my little blog: don't be mad, I didn't forget about you.. just been busy that's all.

Ok, so!  My good friend Richard's thrash band, Take One for the Team, is having their last show on December 6th.  They've been together for eight years and have decided to move on.  I hold that band dear to my heart, partly because I've seen them sooo many times over the years and partly because everyone in that band is amazing.
Richard asked me to draw the poster for their last show.  He was hoping it would have a mexican wrestling theme (to relate the poster to some previous band-art) and the "MOSH HARD ONE LAST TIME!" line to relate to their cd Mosh Hard With a Vengeance (and to their overall mosh-ness haha).  So I incorporated that theme with the theme of death, simply because this will be their very last show.. EVER!

It was actually a challenge to get everything to fit right, since I had decided to do it entirely by hand (paper + sharpie).  Buuuut in the spirit of punk rock, it works!  It's busy, but appropriate for the style (i.e. notoriously illegible punk-show flyer).  Note that the picture next to the casket is actually of Richard.  Kind of morbid, I know... It's from a show where he had played with a mask on- I thought it was so fitting for this poster I had to slip it in somehow.

The second picture is of cover art I had done for them in .  They will be making a shirt based on it--I'll post some pictures later.

I always find it kind of weird looking back on "old stuff"... I've improved so much as an artist!!  I guess that should feel more like relief than weirdness since it shows that I'm growing and getting better... But I suppose the weirdness comes from remembering how good I thought that cover was back when I drew it and now, look at it, all I see are the areas where I should have done something differently.  That being said, I really wonder what I will think of the art I'm making now, 5 years down the road.  We'll have to wait and see! 

In other news: there is a really nice (and flattering) article in November's Upfront on the show at the Wurm gallery.  You should pick it up!  After all it is FREE!  If you click on the picture, the resolution is actually good enough for you to read the article.  What a nice little gift right on time for my birthday month!
Oh other press-related interest, my friend Paul G. pointed out that China Doll (awesome local karaoke drag queen celebrity) mentioned the show in her weekly events segment.  Note how she pronounces my name (PASKWAHL). 

Still cool tho!

So the Wurm Galler show is officially over!
I'm really glad that all of the dino-popes sold!  It proves to my Humanities professor that blasphemous art is still damn cool, BOO-YA!

Even though I didn't sell all my stuff I'm still SOOOO pleased with everything.  This show has opened up some really awesome doors for me and I'm excited to be making art on a regular basis!

Ok well that's about it!
OH!  Yah, I also made a flyer for Finner's show (Black Ships, Titan and Alaskan), but there's no original art of mine other than laying things out beautifully and picking a satanic image.  Still cool though, so IF you are not easily offended by extremely evil images AND if you are not at work where your boss might walk by, then check it out!

Ok folks, it's back to the books for me! xo


P.S. If you didn't have a chance to see my works up at Wurm, I have three of them up at the CUAG as part of the HERE group show, on until Monday November 10th.


Amanda said...

I am your biggest fan! I just caught up on all your band commission posts. Rad stuff. :)

-Amanda Arabia

martin said...

the take one flyer is incredible. hopefully i can get my hand on a nice printed copy at the show!